Maximizing your Dental Benefits

Where has the time gone? It’s already September and soon the holidays will be approaching. Around this time of year, we like to remind patients about maximizing their dental benefits. When you or your employer subscribes to dental insurance, your plan allows for a certain dollar amount of coverage per year. Most insurances provide $1,000 or more worth of benefits per year, and usually runs from January to December. If you don’t use the allotted monies by December 31, the funds are simply lost. Typically, any remaining benefit dollars do not roll over to the following year.
Although a dentist should never dictate treatment by what an insurance policy pays, our experience has shown that careful planning can help maximize you benefits. For example, crowns are usually recommended on teeth with very large fillings or teeth that have fractured in the past. Some percentage of the crown cost is “covered” by your dental insurance, but most patients may want to postpone treatment because they aren’t having any discomfort. Proceeding with recommended treatment now, while you have most of your insurance benefits available may help to avoid expensive emergency treatments in the future.
Our goal for you is to make sure you have healthy gums, strong teeth, and a contagious smile. Don’t wait until the last minute! Most offices tend to get very busy around November and December for this very reason. Make the most of your dental benefits and schedule to see your dentist soon.